"Celebrating Me" Kit (7-Piece Set)


For the woman who celebrates herself fully and freely, knowing that you deserve to be at your happiest. There’s no better time to indulge yourself than with our complete pamper kit. After all, you deserve it.


  • Two Rose face masks
  • Lavender + Chamomile soap
  • Sisal pouch/loofah
  • Vanilla body lotion
  • Vanilla scented soy candle
  • Affirmation cards (50 pieces)


Bundle offer: "Celebrating Me" Kit + lingerie

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PS: affirmation cards are such a great way to uplift and enliven yourself any time of the day! Read a card whenever you want to feel inspired and empowered. Do one a day, or shuffle and choose 5-10 cards to slowly repeat and internalize. Any way works ✨💖

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