About Malaya


Hi! My name is Nicole. I started this brand in 2017, an idea that was born out of having lived overseas for most of my 20s. Upon moving back to the Philippines, I noticed that there were very few brands locally that focused on inclusivity and body-positivity of women in their messaging.

I also felt that although the Philippines may be forward-thinking in many aspects, it still has some pretty negative views when it comes to sexuality.

Malaya was created as a platform where women can feel free to be themselves. By providing intimate products for all types of women, I want to empower you to not only look good, but feel great.

I’ve always loved wearing lingerie, and how good it makes me feel. I want every woman to feel that way too!

I want women to feel effortlessly sexy. Most lingerie brands are focused on how you feel when a man looks at you. So it’s impractical, uncomfortable and quite frankly too sexed up. I want women to wear one of my sleepwear sets and feel comfortable, confident and ready to take on anything!

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. Malaya sleepwear sets are not meant to change who you are (ahem, Victoria Secret). Rather, it’s meant to enhance what’s naturally there. Because what’s natural is beautiful.

I hope you all enjoy wearing these sleepwear sets as much as I enjoyed curating them ❤️ 


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PS: We’ve recently rebranded from Malaya Intimates to Malaya! Read our blog.



What is Malaya?

Quite literally, it is defined as “to be free”.

Malaya is a celebration of beauty, individuality and self-expression.

We are all about inclusivity. It’s not about looking perfect. It’s about celebrating our differences and imperfections.

We believe that women need to discover themselves in an intimate way: what they want, and what makes them feel good.

At the moment, our main products are sleepwear and loungewear sets. We plan to offer a variety of other products in the future.  


Our Purpose

Inspiring women to become fearless and empowered. 

We are driven to help women become more confident and empowered by embracing their true authentic selves and not being afraid to explore new and greater things.

Our Mission

Provide women a variety of products that they can enjoy, look and feel beautiful in.

We aim to improve women's body image and sense of self - for them to feel good and proud of themselves from the products we offer, the actions we do, and the things we that we share.  


Our Commitment

Provide quality and diverse products for all types of women

Support self-expression and representing a wide range of women

Education on relevant issues pertaining to beauty, femininity, intimate health, and self-love


Our Values

The Malaya brand is about being true to oneself. These are our core beliefs that shape everything we do and say:




Malaya is proudly a Philippine brand.